Terms and conditions

  1. The following provisions apply to all our services (services, sales, etc.) and agreements.
  2. Performance and services provided are always a best efforts obligation, but not a result obligation.
  3. Invoices relating to services are payable within 30 days of the invoice date unless otherwise agreed or stated on the invoice itself. With regard to the sale of material, the full amount must be paid when ordering, unless otherwise agreed.
    In addition, in the event of non-payment, it may be forbidden not to use the delivered product for the provision of services. This prohibition of use may not give rise to any compensation.

  4. All invoices are payable at Herentals.
  5. Receipt of invoices is presumed to be 3 days after the invoice date. The contrary must be proven in writing.
  6. All complaints and protests must be received by registered mail within 8 days after receipt of the invoice, under penalty of nullity and lateness.
  7. In any case, an advance payment may be requested for services as well as for the sale of equipment. This deposit must be paid within 14 days after the offer date. In the absence of full and timely payment of the advance payment, all services ordered may be unilaterally suspended or even cancelled by us, without giving rise to any compensation from the ordering party.
  8. If the order is cancelled by the ordering party after payment of the advance payment, the full amount of the quotation is due in principle and the advance payment is due to us in any case.
  9. The term of delivery of all services (services and sales) is indicative, but not binding. Under no circumstances can exceeding the delivery period lead to a reduction in the price, any compensation or termination/dissolution or termination of the order contract.
  10. The copyright on the created performances belongs to us completely.
  11. A specified right of use is granted to the ordering party/client, which is, however, personal and may not be passed on or resold without our permission.
  12. When taking photographs and other visual material, we assume that the buyer/customer obtained permission from every possible (copyright) owner. The ordering party or customer is fully liable for this and we can in no way be held liable for this (indemnification).
  13. We are not liable for any harmful and unlawful use of the delivered services/products by the orderer/customer or by third parties
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  15. An indication of name on publication is mandatory.
  16. The delivered services and products may be used by us in our portfolio, our advertising, etc. The orderer/customer expressly agrees to this when placing an order and consent to this is presumed anyway.
  17. Belgian law applies to all agreements. Any disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the district of Turnhout.